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Brynn does not fight this battle alone.

Unfortunately, 43 kids are diagnosed with cancer each day.


The team coordinating the Battle Brynn Golf Tournament wants to take an opportunity to recognize these warriors. The Battle Brynn Tribute Zone will be a space to honor other warriors who have survived, who are currently battling, who have gained their angel wings, and/or those who are dealing with the ramifications of childhood cancer.

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Do You Know a Warrior?

Battle Brynn Tribute Zone

The Battle Brynn Team would love to be able to share stories of warriors and pray over them. Being on this journey with Brynn we have realized how lonely the world of cancer can feel and can be. While we know there are others on the hematology/oncology floor, it's sometimes difficult to meet them for many reasons.


Also, cancer does not make a choice on how well supported a child may be or what their family background is, or if they even have a family. Some patients must fight alone. To actually see this is heartbreaking! 

Create Experiences!

Encourage a Warrior

Our team is dedicated to sending encouragement to the warrior and their families throughout the year. An important part of the journey is remember to live through cancer and not allow it take away the joy of living.


For Brynn's family, experiences and memories are an important part of the journey. No matter how big or how small. Fighting cancer is tough enough when you're stripped of an "everyday/normal life". Being able to offer experiences and allowing the opportunity to live a little will be our focus in 2023.

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Being one of Brynn's Bulldog Ambassadors means embodying Brynn's spirit on and off the field while continuing the fight against pediatric cancer that she so bravely started during her time with us. Brynn was a quiet leader. She showed up early to help teammates while playing fiercely to leave it all on the field or court. Being an ambassador is showing bravery, leadership, and courage while also pledging to raise funds for children who may not be able to play anymore due to pediatric cancer.

This ambassador program will Play for Brynn. Do you have what it takes?

Please share a little about your nominee. 

Thank you for submitting!

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