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Bone Growth!! She has bone growth!

In the image above, check out that 4th metatarsal. In 2019, you can see the haze of the tumor and you can also see how thin her bone was! "Today" being March 3rd, 2021, her Orthopedic doctor was happy to show us how much progress her little bone's giving her. HUGE relief to her.

Prior to this imaging, Brynn would "baby" her right foot because the image SEARED into her brain was the one on the right. She feared she would crack that little bone in half if she even walked on it! Well...she wasn't wrong. She tweaked her ankle walking around the house working on strengthening her foot and sure enough, hairline fracture. FRUSTRATING.

You see, it's not like once the chemo has stopped and the radiation is complete, the body just miraculously bounces back! She scorched this foot with radiation. Fried up every good and bad thing in there. This also meant that for months, she was not walking (or using her muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.) on her right side because she had to heal the burn wound. She has to be in some serious work to be able to walk somewhat "normal". This is work she will have to put in for the rest of her life.

With all the bad news, there are celebrations as well. In October 2021, before we received the awful news of recurrence, we did also receive news that her bone in that metatarsal had fully healed. To the surprise of her orthopedic doctor, it had completely healed on its own without a stimulator or surgery.

I won't take this away from Brynn, she did work on herself at home for this to be a possibility. She nurtured her body to get it to a place where it was able to do this. There are a lot of arguments, for sure, but in the end, she's learning so much about her own body.

#MOMFAIL I did not get a picture of her FULLY healed bone! Whomp, whomp!

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