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Remembering Brynn

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Want to talk about an update we have been avoiding! The not so fun side of Ewing Sarcoma…the end.

Brynn has started suffering from seizures. The brain is a very well protected part of the body so any foreign matter in there can be triggering. In May of 2021, her head hurt so bad it took us to the ER where she had an emergency craniotomy to remove a tumor and surrounding edema. Look into those statistics! Those are disheartening. Then, look back at your girl…defying odds.

What do the seizures mean? Cancer growth. Specifically in her brain but also in a few other places we’ve known about. As a family, we have been well communicated with and well researched on what this means for Brynn since last year in May when this mess decided to show face in her brain.

Brynn has always been self assured and has had a way of knowing how her life should go. She has ALWAYS been very brave and very independent. Those who have had her in their lives will have no issue backing this up for me as these are often the stories I get to hear as her mom. Which, makes me beam as a parent.

With this being said, as a family we are accepting the Lord’s timing on this. At this point, Brynn would much rather live it up with the Lord than continue on with any option left available. Which, in honesty is none at this point that doesn’t involve a torturous ending.

Brynn has said she wanted to be remembered always and celebrated. As we discuss what this means for those of us that are “left behind”, a common theme is the fear of being forgotten.

As her family, we have decided, why not remember her while we still have her!

With this, if you have a special memory of Brynn, a lasting impression of her, a time with her that stands out to you, a quality you have admired, anything you want her to know, I’m asking for you to share that with her. Even if it’s just a quick “I love you.” Videos are great! (A HUGE task for those who get uncomfortable in front of the camera, I know!) We would like to take these videos and share with her, and with your permission, we would like to compile them together and share your memories with others.

You can let us know your preference on sharing as well as upload your memory here which will take you to a quick Google Form.

Thank you for being on this journey with us!

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