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Brynn's Awesome Adventure List

Brynn has been battling cancer for over 2 years. Between low blood counts and Covid, we have been trapped inside living a life we were forced into. Before this, as a family, we were never home! Always running around doing something. It is now time to get back to livin' and back to adventurin'!

Brynn has missed out on a lot of growing up in the typical sense. She missed out on a lot of time with family. She missed her time with her friends. She had to completely let go of who she thought she would be. These adventures are to show her there's so much more to life and the importance of life is to enjoy every moment.

What does anyone learn with cancer? We're faced with mortality every day. Live it. Cancer or car wreck, we all have our way. We will accept the blessing of time by living out her adventures with her.

Many have asked how they can help our family and how blessed are we with the insane amount of support for our girl! Truth is, we're making memories with her and the best option we can think of is by helping us do this. We have the Battle Brynn account we're using for these adventures as well as any treatment options made available to us.

PayPal Venmo: @Battle-Brynn



PENDING ADVENTURES (in no particular order and never finished):

  • Smash things - More to come!



At Disney with Finding Nemo


Walkout as a varsity team member

TCU football game

Horseback riding

St. Thomas with family and friends

Meet & Greet...on the next level! #TexasIndependenceJam with 99.5 The Wolf. Everything!

Tattoo! Yeah. That happened!

Stay in a cozy cabin (or lake house)

2022 Golf Tournament - May 2nd, 2022 @ Cowboys Golf Club

Stay at the Omni in Fort Worth

Mavs Playoff Game

Stars Playoff Game

High School Soccer Official!



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