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Life experiences worth documenting. Let's go!

So much has happened within the last 9 months and I have failed to keep up the story. Many "understand" as this life with cancer can be all-consuming. However, Brynn's story is so important and there are many reasons for this but the main one being, I hope someone finds something, anything in her journey to inspire them. To set them on fire to keep pushing through. To give them the peace of mind in knowing they're not alone. Whatever it is, I hope it speaks directly to their soul for a connection.

Now, back to the story :) as I'm going back to December 2020 in our Google photos to begin recalling these last nine months.

I left off with Brynn seeking alternate treatments which we were unable to begin as her cancer had other plans, which we will get to. For now, let's begin with some fun (and hard work) we kicked off around September of last year amidst the drama. The Golf Tournament!

Brynn has a very loving family. Family is her number one, hands down. Her Great Uncle got to throwing around ideas after hearing about the costs of this beast and a golf tournament was brought up. Of course, he had helped organize these in the past hard can it be?!

We started building a team (and new family) to kick this off! When we talk about God winks, the people who participated in the planning of this event fell right into perfect placement. Was the tournament perfect? Gosh no! Who's first time at anything is ever perfect? But, it was beyond worth it. To see our group challenge themselves and dive into things to make it the best success for Brynn was beautiful to watch.

I learned so much from each person who put their time (a lot of time) and effort into this golf tournament. They brought their heart to every meeting and opportunity to make this a success.

One of our stand-out pieces is our Battle Brynn Tribute Zone. To be out in public and see a child fighting cancer is pretty rare considering how immune-compromised they are. This makes it easy to sweep under a rug. There's a huge rabbit hole to go down here but my point is, the faces of these sweet children and their story is more than the quick commercials we see for St. Jude. They are all so different and deserve to be heard and seen and treated as the child they are.

The Battle Brynn Tribute Zone brought warriors to life. It gives us an opportunity to love on these warriors and their families to let them know they are not alone and they are not forgotten as they walk the halls of the hospital or are confined to their home to keep them safe. We're here. We're celebrating them. can too! We'll gladly help with respectful connections. We send birthday cards, milestone cards, words of encouragement, etc throughout the year. If you would like for us to pass along anything to our warriors or nominate a warrior, please email us at

Big thank you to FC Dallas for being behind this idea come to life.

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