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Cool logo. How did it come about?

Here’s a story I would love to tell! The story behind Brynn’s logo.

Brynn started playing soccer with Coach Brian late 2016, I believe (I’m awful with dates). This was her transition into academy soccer, moving up a level from rec soccer.

Everyone, meet Coach Brian! The two cuties to the right are Brody, his son, and Brynn.

Coach Brian is the one who started her LOVE for soccer. He was patient but laid out the expectations. She respected the way he taught and she was a sponge. While with Coach Brian, she played for an 07 girls team (she’s an 09) and his 09 boys group. He challenged her. She accepted that challenge.

When Brynn was on the field he used to tell her she was a bulldog. Unless, of course, she was having a rare off day. He would fix that by letting her know he didn’t need any Chihuahua’s on the field. Well, she would show him! From there, the nickname stuck. We all cheered on Bulldog from the sidelines. We now have our Bulldog, but what about the battle piece?

Anyone familiar with the mom you can hear from the parking lot even if the fields are a mile away? No? You sure? Welp…

Yep! That’s right, folks. I. Am. That. Mom. But, first let me say, I’m a cheering for both teams. They are children. I want all of them to be able to learn and leave everything they have on that field by the end of the game.

Back to Brynn…Brynn played defense, generally. So, she was always ready to attack. Exhibit A is down below. Anytime I saw that ball headed her way and she was about to be up against her opponent, you could hear me yelling “BATTLE!” on repeat. There we have it! #BattleBulldog.

From there, a fellow Marketing soccer momma who has been a key player in orchestrating things for Brynn, took all of those elements, gave it to her team who created what you see at the beginning of this post. A super cool, super tough looking logo. Shout out to Chasity Torti!

Coach Brian has been praying over our girl since 2016. His praying knees don’t seem to ever get weary either. To be able to be a part of his family is truly something special. We are so grateful to the Barnett team for being a super special family and accepting Brynn as one of their own for a time. The imprint this family can leave on your heart is something we cherish.

You see, soccer is not just a game for us. It’s a family. It’s Brynn’s true passion. It’s where she feels most at home and the most confident you will ever see her. We had no clue our journey would lead us to use #BattleBulldog as the chosen phrase/hashtag/logo through her cancer journey but I couldn’t think of more fitting.

Her number is 8. She won’t ever let that one go. This is the number from her strong daddy/daughter bond and one she will always have on her jersey.

To Coach Brian, you are so loved and so appreciated by our family. To your family, your hearts are always in the right place and your faith inspires so many. Thank you for being such an amazing group of humans.

This is one of the few one-of-a-kind men Brynn is blessed to have her life. We’ll save the others for a different day.

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